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Personal Training and Online Workouts

You may be new to hiring a trainer of maybe you have had one in the past.  My style is not what you see on TV, Facebook or Instagram.  In fact, I am worried that many of the faces you are seeing in the fitness world are giving the wrong meaning to working out.  You may have goals to get lean, look great and tighten up your arms or abs but are you expecting to look like the pictures you see daily on posts?  If you want a body that looks great online--I actually can help.  I have wonderful software to change the image to something in real life it is not. So let's get real.  Real life, real workouts.  That is what I do.

One on One Personal Training

I have been training clients one on one for over 10 years. One on One is where you can truly get a customized plan that meets your exact needs.  No distractions, no waiting, just you and I working to reach your expectations.

For Pricing Contact Me.

Group Training


Group training means more than 1 person.  Group person training is no more than 5 people.  The benefits of group training is the reduced cost to you, the downside is no personal attention.  A group should consist of same abilities.  If a group varies too much in skill and abilities the culture of the group can suffer.  If working out in a group and you want to try it with some varied abilities I will gravity to the novice in the group.  Just a heads up.  This way it ensures that all group members are safe and happy.

For Pricing Contact Me.

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Online Training


Our smart devices are never far from our side and most people have computers.  I have the ability to work with you even if we can not meet in person.  I have several ways to do this. I  can workout and nutritional software to offer.  Workout only software.  And an app for specialized workout customized to your needs.

For Pricing Contact Me.

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