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If what you eat is more important than how you move, why is losing weight such a struggle?

It seems that we are starting to understand the saying, "You can't workout a bad diet."

I took a quick poll and found that 92% or people polled felt that what you eat is more important than how you workout if your goal is to lose weight. If what we eat is more important that how we move, why is losing weight such a struggle? Could it be that we are missing a very important element in our tool box to be more healthy?

I have spent the last 20 years trying to pin point what the "magic pill" might be for sustained weight loss. Sure, we can be determined, follow a restricted meal plan and lose weight. The funny thing is, the weight eventually returns.

IS what you eat the most important component of weight loss?

Have you ever asked someone why they want to lose weight? The answers typically sound like this, "I want to be ready for summer." or "I have a big event coming up that I want to look good at." I am not saying these goal are bad. These goals are valid and people do the work to look better. Yet, typically, goals like these have an end and the weight begins to return.

Have you ever tried to be better just because? I know, that seems weird. We like to attach a reason to why we do what we do.

Have you ever done something for no other reason than you thought you were worthy of it?

There is a crisis happening today. People think they need to be better than they already are. If you aren't #blessed on a daily basis, then you have had one heck of a rotten day. If you haven't posted about your #meals or #workouts with #sweatygym photos then you must be doing something wrong.

Are you starting to see where I am going?

The magic pill isn't in what we choose to eat, it is in how we feel about ourselves. Let that sit with you a bit. Allow me to repeat it, the magic pill isn't in what we choose to eat, it is in how we feel about ourselves.

When is the last time you looked yourself in the mirror and said,

"I'm proud of you."

"You did the best you can"

"I love you"

There is a self-esteem crisis going on. Too many people feel they don't measure up and can never measure up. No wonder we are a world of emotional eaters. We don't even know how to say, "I love you" to ourselves.

Maybe you think this is crazy. Maybe you think this is all woo woo, and too much touchy feely stuff.

Maybe you think, I already love myself.

I dare you to say out loud this very moment,

I LOVE _______________________ (your name)

Whoa, how did that feel?

Do it again,

I LOVE _______________________ (your name)

That is the magic pill.

No amount of nutritional knowledge will get you to stop craving those Oreos like loving, truly loving who you are.

You don't have to wait to love yourself. You don't have to be perfect to love yourself. The joy of loving yourself is when you mess up, when you fail. Love yourself now, the person you are right now. Warts and all. It is the best gift you can give yourself. And the magic pill to sustained weight loss.

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