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Music Mondays

Music plays a large role in my life. You could say my life's history can be told through music. I can remember what I was doing when a song plays. It takes me back in time. Music also helps move me forward. It pushes me when I think I can't pull out another minute of cardio, let alone 20 more minutes. It gets me to the finish line. Music can meet my mood and shift my mood. Music makes life better. It makes workouts better. It makes yoga sweeter. It makes cooking meals more fun. You get the picture.

I figured I would start each Monday with what song is making the most impact on my workout, in my yoga class and for me in general. I would love to hear what you are listening to because music shared makes everything twice as nice.


Workout Anchor Song for the Week:

Evil by Clutch

This is a new release. Has a feeling of Led Zeppelin and possibly Iron Maiden.


Yoga Anchor Song for the Week:

Sun Dance (Salutation) by Linda Lara

Yes, it is a kid song. But who says we aren't all kids at heart? When is the last time you drank out of a juice box? It's been a while. This song makes me smile, and teaches a version of a sun salutation. Double win.


Cooking Anchor Song for the Week:

Click Bait by Republican Hair

This band is cool and original. It's a new release and it is fantastic. Starts out with a hamburger and ends with curry?? or is it curious? Listen and find out.

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