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I have a never ending need to search for what IS the secret to stopping emotional eating.

You know that feeling when your feelings overwhelm you and you turn to food instead of feel the feelings?

It is so hard to shift our mindset when it comes to food. We use food as reward, celebration, comfort, all to help us enhance or soothe our emotions.

I have only just begun reading this book and have already highlighted many terrific observations. The book immediately begins to tackle our excuses and how to shift the mindset, from "I can't" or "I will do better tomorrow" to a way to push past these common excuses.

I am on the section of excuses and self-judgment. Self-judgement, you may have heard that voice in your head that says, "You're bad if you eat that." or "You already messed up so why try anymore?" The book offers ways to stop self-sabotage. It also tackles mindless eating, you know the time you didn't realize you ate the entire bag. No one is immune to it. This book claims it will address this topic too. Looking forward to writing more about this book once I finish.

I finished this book this week. The last half of the book is what offered the best suggestions. With the last chapter, on the last page, stating how to create your own comfort kit. Armed with 50 ways to shift the mind away from emotional eating, creating a comfort kit that resonates with you personally makes sense. I was in denial for years, thinking I was not an emotional eater. I was a bored and lonely eater. Guess what, that is emotional eating. So I plan to create my comfort kit. I will post it when complete.

For fun, I listened to Single Malt Murder. A murder mystery that involved good whiskey and a lot of accents that were hard for me to understand. I more than likely missed at least 1/4 of what was said. It was a cute book, nothing more. Something to enjoy. Funny thing, I never had a whiskey while I listened.

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